Words that I love about people & describe my heart for photography. All the lovey, romantic, messy & nostalgic details. 

I'm Lala, I've been married to my red headed cutie for a little over a year.

We had a fall wedding but snow showed up lol Weddings can be the very best days but they are just the start of an amazing adventure of forever love. A love that shows us just how messy we can be but also how much we don't deserve love, yet we have a Creator who IS love & gives us Himself. God has given my husband & I so much this past year, a huge part of that is getting to know so many of you. I absolutely adore people, each of you have a different story, your stories show up with how you hold out your hand to a loved one, fall into a hug, look over at each other, your worn in shoes, eye crinkles & scrunchy noses. Most of the time they aren't words & that's what I'm here for, to capture all of it. 

@2017 by Lala Lensart.