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Professional Cinematic & Videography in Kansas City

Kansas City Cinematic Wedding Videography

Your favorite Kansas City photographer has also partnered with my husband, to bring videography to your big day!


We are ready to capture your uncle, break it down on the dance floor, and that flower girl who can’t help but eat the cake before it's been cut.


We know the importance of memories, and with video, you can replay that day over and over again.


We want to be there for your wedding ceremony, your reception, the hike to the ceremony spot (if you’re a traveler).


With video, you can replay the memories, the vows, and the day over and over again to remind yourself why they are your person. Rest assured, you’ll look like a movie star.


We aren’t just videographers, we like to call it cinematography.


What’s the difference? The cinematography gives the candid, artsy feel to make you really feel like a movie star, because on your big day - that’s exactly what you both are.


So, are you ready to feel like a star?


We’ll roll out the red carpet, just for the both of you.

Couples Videography

Celebrating a huge milestone in your relationship?


Want to prove to the world you’re “couple goals”?


We get it, and we’re so excited to record your love! Every season of a milestone should be celebrated.


Whether you are dating for 5 years or 5 days, we know the feeling of “when you know you know” and we are here to capture it.


We would be happy to follow you around the Kansas City area, your favorite picnic spot, or the place you had your first date.


Let’s face it, wherever you are - so are your favorite videographers!

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