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Kansas City Professional Photography 

Wedding Photography


Congratulations on your big day!


I am so excited and thrilled for you both in this season of your life.


When you choose a wedding photographer to capture your big day, make sure they are representing your love.


As a wedding photographer with your candid moments in mind, rest assured that I’m not the photographer who stands there and says “OK, say cheese!” I’m the one that will be there when it rains, when it pours, when it's muddy, and when things get difficult!


Being a part of your big day is more than just snapping pictures, it's about capturing the moments you can show for generations to come.

Candid moments are one of the many things I love about my job of being your wedding photographer, your professional third wheel, and the one to hold your dress when you need it.


Family Photography

This can start as soon as baby is on the way :) As a new mom I have grown to love capturing this stage of life --

in the ordinary & guided moments.


How I approach photographing your family is by starting with a question- do you have a favorite park or time of day with your kids? May I join you to document it?


I will guide you to areas with good lighting and fix a dress or hair but my style of documenting is to get real moments on camera.

Couples Photography

Kick off your shoes and let’s get to know each other!


I’m so excited to photograph you and your loved one!


Couples are one of my favorites to photograph, other than weddings, they have so much emotion, candid moments (which are my favorite) and so much intimacy that can express the true love between two people.


Whether you are looking for fun locations in the Kansas City area or a place that means the world to both of you, I’m there with my camera!


Taking the time to slow down, immerse yourself into the love both of you have for one another, photograph the moments that will keep you saying “wow, this really is my person” is my favorite part of being your photographer.


 Branding Photography

Do you have a brand that you're ready to show off? I don't blame you! I would love to take your product or YOU behind the camera and produce something that bring your brand to life! 

Branding photos not only bring your brand to life, but it can bring perspective to your idea client so they can see the person behind the brand, and more your product or service!

**Photo taken for Paige's Petals 


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